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Ayrton Senna’s grave is here in Sao Paulo, Morumbi. I should go to that place and tell him what his nephew has done.

Sebastian Vettel about the first Lap (via f1marv)  (via sleepy-sarah)

OK everyone is panicking about this quote and I will politely request that we all calm down. He did indeed say this, but he meant it as a joke and I am sure we all know how Sebastian likes to joke. I am sure he meant no disrespect to either Ayrton or Bruno- I’m sure everyone recognises he has huge respect for the history of F1 and especially for what Ayrton has achieved. Seb has of course met Bruno and I see no reason for there to be problems between them- and I’ve not seen Seb blaming Bruno seriously for the first lap incident anywhere. 

As a big Bruno fan I can assure you I would be more bias towards Bruno than bias towards Seb, but on this one, I don’t see any reason to hate Seb for what he said.  I hope people do not take this seriously and let this tarnish Sebastian’s true reputation as a gracious man who respects drivers around him. 

(via brakefoot)

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